IThink                                                         Principle                                       Gary Waldinger

​Jack and Dodge                                         Principle                                       Andrew Rogers


US Army                                                      Principle                                      McCann Erikson


Romantic Fools                                           Principle                                      Keith DiRienzo

Cherish Every Precious Moment               Supporting                                  Mathew David

Acting and Performance 1                         Boston University                        Mason Sand

Acting and Performance/ Improv 2           Boston University                        Hondo Weiss-Richmond

Advanced Acting and Performance           Boston University                        Michael Hammond

Meisner Technique                                     New York Conservatory               Steve Perlmutter

                                                                     for Dramatic Arts 

Web Film                                                      New York Conservatory                Van Hanis

                                                                     for Dramatic Arts 

Scene Study                                                 New York Conservatory                Jay Goldenberg

                                                                      for Dramatic Arts 

Special Skills 
Art Training:
Drawing, Sculpting, Painting, Wood Working, Mix Media

Military Training:
ROTC, Military Officer, Air Force, U.S. Army, National Guard, Reserves, Artillery, Pistol, Rifle, Machine Gun, Fitness

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign – Bachelors of Fine Arts
Boston University – Masters of Fine Arts
New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts – Associates in Occupational Studies